Cacti and I

A heartfelt tale of a wobbling wayward cactus.

Sam Fowler

I have a cactus. Three, in fact. Three cacti, I suppose. But one of these cacti – Blobster, as he is anthropomorphically named – has a problem. He wobbles. Any movement of his pot, and he wobbles. Now, “Cacti aren’t meant to wobble!” I hear you exclaim. Exactly, that’s his problem.

I must admit, however contritely, that this wobble was caused by my own hands. For, you see, I was repotting my plants. Specifically, I repotted my family of three cacti – Blob, Blobby, and Blobster – into a new shared abode: a snug glass plant pot for a shared, intimate life. I had never repotted before, but upon viewing a quick video explanation I considered myself skilled. And so it was that I plucked their poor clogged roots from their suffocatingly small pots and placed them within their new, comparatively spacious, glass tank.

As I loaded the family’s new habitat with the requisite soil, I realised a mistake – something I’d forgotten from the video I had viewed. I needed to discard some of the old soil from around their roots! And so it was that I plucked Blobster from his new home, struck the dense root soil off, and placed him back in. Following measures to compress the new compost about his origin, Blobster – I thought – was settled.

And so it was much to my chagrin that upon picking up the glass plant vessel, Blobster began his startling sway back and forth in quick motion. With his brothers strong and stable, he alone would waver. I could only count my blessings that I hadn’t chunked off the soil of his well bedded brethren.

Maybe it was the right thing to do; the loosened earth may concede the spread of new and stable roots. In time, Blobster may flourish whilst those of less blob and original dirt struggle. And, in truth, it is only time that will tell: I will not know the true error or success of my experimentation without the progress of time. I have done what I considered best in the circumstances; I must hope the culmination of this work will be three happily resettled blobs.

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